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Living Ventures is a multi-brand restaurant business, co-founded by Jeremy Roberts and Tim Bacon in 1999. The company started as a collaboration with a small brewery which set the tone for the way they continued to conduct business. With a number of different restaurants across the Bruntwood portfolio, we sat down with Jeremy

Born on the South coast of England, Jeremy started his business life as a hotelier in London. After moving up North to work in Manchester, he made the transition into the restaurant industry, meeting Tim and Living Ventures was formed.   

Running any business can be a hard task to prosper. From early on Jeremy understood that creating multiple brands that offered different experiences still had to have consistency across the board.

“I think our businesses have always done well because they are based on consistent product, and consistent service and delivery of that product,” says Jeremy. 

Living Ventures opened Grand Pacific in our Manchester Club building last year and has received huge amounts of success ever since. “We have actually been bold in the way we run things in the past, the present and hopefully in the future. So taking a few chances with the spaces such as Grand Pacific and actually doing something little bit different,” says Jeremy.

There are many challenges that come along with running a business, especially so in the restaurantial profession, “I think that the biggest challenge that any business today faces especially in our businesses is finding and keeping the best people,” says Jeremy.

With the recent NRB debate in Manchester highlighting the crisis of low experienced staff and an ever-increasing high demand for front of house staff in culinary, it’s harder than ever to create an environment for employees to thrive. Living Ventures focuses a huge amount of attention on providing guidance and a pathway to progression.

“I think we have tried to do that always in Living Ventures by developing and training people as much as possible and taking great steps at the moment and we always have done at draft level and management level to try and ensure we’re giving systematic development path through their careers,” says Jeremy.

We have been working with Living Ventures for over 10 years, we’ve been working closely with Jeremy on a joint venture where we developed assets. Our relationship with Jeremy and his businesses works so well due to our similar culture and goals.

What characterises dealing with bruntwood is that they are not slaves to the rule book, I believe they have very strong values. I’ve always had the ability to pick up the phone to the guys at bruntwood and say, can we look at this, can we do this in a different way and they’ve always been open to that, and that's something that is really valuable,” explains Jeremy.

The future is bright for Living Ventures as they plan to continue to keep evolving and push out great consistent brands, their customers have come to love.

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