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LightStart is an analysis-led digital design house that specialises in producing apps, websites and digital platforms through proven strategies. The company is currently based at our Platform building in Leeds, we recently had the opportunity to sit down with LightStart’s Co-Founder, Dan Akers.

LightStart has an expert team of talented, lean, entrepreneurial and passionate analysts, developers and product engineers. They are leaders at taking digital ideas and listening to customers to form successful products and businesses.

When it comes to building, launching and growing anything digital, LightStart has strong developments. They strive to choose the right tech for the project and customer. This is done through the LightStart analysis process.

With a unique approach, they work with their customers to define the minimum viable product (MVP) for their project. This allows them to create a simple, functioning version of their product to launch quickly and then begin a roadmap of improvements and new feature rollouts.

Since launching, the company has successfully evolved and grown: “it was just the two of us when we started, there are now 6 to 8 of us depending on the day of the week,” says Dan.

As Leeds continues to grow into a strong digital force, with an expanding tech community, the team felt that Platform was the perfect fit for LightStart.

“The reason we chose Platform is the reputation it had even before it was built was was massive, we saw what was happening with the Northern Powerhouse funding to get a tech hub in Leeds,” said Dan.

“The best part of the Bruntwood experience has been the wow factor. Everybody that we bring through the door just loves the space. The finish is very good, it’s very high quality. Plus iPad coffee machines, everybody loves that slight tech feel to it,” explains Dan.

In the future, LightStart is looking forward to continuous growth, creating and developing digital platforms. Watch our latest video to find out more:


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