Creating a fair & equal society Bruntwood Real Living Wage employer


    This week is Real Living Wage Week. The Real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by nearly 7,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a fair day's pay for a hard day's work. And earlier this year, Bruntwood was proud to become one of them. Our accreditation with the Living Wage foundation confirms that we pay ALL of our colleagues (as well as any third party contractors) a real living wage which is higher than the government minimum.

    Why was it so important for us to be a real living wage employer? In a nutshell - it's good for colleagues, good for business, and good for society. Other real living wage employers have found that it improves their brand reputation differentiating them from their competitors; and has a huge impact on colleague engagement - reducing staff turnover and improving the business / colleague relationship.

    With our purpose driving every decision we make, the social impact of being living wage accredited is huge - affording our colleagues the flexibility, time, and financial freedom to concentrate on the things that matter to them.

    Becoming a Living Wage Funder was a simple process from completing the initial enquiry form through to an assessment that confirmed we satisfied all of the key criteria. And now that the initial accreditation is complete, there is still more to do in ensuring we continue to meet the accreditation standards. The updated living wage rates are announced in November every year and we are then required to implement the rise as soon as possible - if we fall below it in any cases - within 6 months.

    Being a real living wage employer is just another way in which we’re bringing to life our purpose (creating thriving cities), our values (being brilliant to work with), our employer brand (shape your world) and our diversity & inclusion strategy in a very tangible and real way.


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