Buffalo 7 to host gathering at Binary Festival


Buffalo 7 is a specialist PowerPoint presentation design agency. They’ve helped some of the biggest companies around to make their mark, but are just as happy delivering stunning presentations for SMEs - helping them to punch well above their weight. Based in our 127 Portland Street building, we sat down with the Buffalo 7 team to find out more about the business and their plans for the upcoming Binary Festival, an event that celebrates the North’s creative, digital and technology community.

Buffalo 7 see every presentation as an exercise in storytelling. “Coming from a technical copy point of view, it’s about getting people’s messages across in as few words as possible,” says Chris Tomlin, Head of Storytelling. “Presentations are about telling stories. Whether it’s product stories or brand stories. Sometimes it will be stories about the company themselves - their culture and their people.”

CEO, Lyndon Nicholson explains how three clear disciplines help to form cutting edge presentations. “What sets us apart is the combination of creative, technical and storying telling,” he says. While these three separate teams are responsible for very different aspects of any given project, they will work collaboratively to create the best work possible.

Storytelling is a huge part of the puzzle. Creating an effective presentation that is easy to follow, pleasurable to listen to and visually appealing to the eye, is crucial. By moulding an effective and efficient message, you can tell your audience what you want them to know, without boring them with slides containing lots of text.

Lyndon says that the office space at 127 Portland Street provides his employee’s with the ability to thrive.“Having a space to move around and space to breath, the ability to get up from your desk and go to work somewhere different, creativity works best when you’re not trying to be creative,” says Lyndon.

As well as allowing the company to be creative, the space has paved the way for the future. “There’s plenty of room in this space to grow while having areas to work and meet quietly” says Chris.

A strong part of the Buffalo 7 ethos is to help others achieve their goals. “We want to give a helping hand in the community: giving more time to people who actually want to know more and help them to develop their skills,” says Liz Booth, Senior Developer.

To further help the community, Buffalo 7 will be hosting a gathering at Liverpool’s Binary Festival, sharing their skills with the creative and digital community. Lyndon describes the northern cities as having a healthy rivalry, but when it comes to competing with the South, the North is united and everyone works together. Events like Binary are important as they promote the North as a good place to do business: it is important for the individuals in a business to connect and to create a sense of belonging in the wider community.

Jaz Isherwood, Senior Developer, understands the importance of a strong tech community. “Being in Manchester it’s great to get out there in the North, everyone shares things, share their skills. We’re so used to sharing with everyone, getting out there is definitely a positive thing,” she says.

At the festival, Buffalo 7 will share their expertise; helping delegates with their presentation problems and exploring the do’s and don’ts of great presentations. The way information is displayed can be the difference between making a lasting impression or being forgotten.

“I think festivals like Binary are important for promoting the North as a good place to do business. They’re important for individuals within agencies like ours and to create a sense of belonging in the wider community,” says Lyndon. He explains how many people don’t know that their type of business exists and how businesses like this can raise the profile of their people, as experts in their field.

The future is bright for Buffalo 7, with plans to open offices in San Francisco and Asia to help cope with high work demand. In the long term this will improve work life balance. The offices will work together passing across work, technically meaning three days of work gets done in one day.

Binary Festival will be taking place on the 22nd March at Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. For more information about how to get involved visit the website:

Binary Festival will be taking place on the 22nd March at Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. For more information about how to get involved visit the website: www.binaryfestival.com/

Bruntwood is proud to partner with Binary Festival as we are committed to
supporting events and organisations that add to the cultural vibrancy in our
city regions, making them a better place to live, work and succeed.





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