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Bruntwood backs Leeds 2023: European Capital of Culture bid


Culture is a vital part of our Northern economy and northern life. Our cities are world-class leaders in culture, each in their own unique, yet collectively culturally rich way. Each shares dynamic industrial pasts, an inimitable northern spirit and a true sense of community.

Supporting the success of our regional cities has always been a key priority for Bruntwood, with communities forming part of our strategy.

Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool - alongside Hull, which is the 2017 UK City of Culture - are already coming together to build one integrated tourism offer, a cultural corridor showcasing the inspiring cultural content housed across the North.

Leeds’ bid for the European Capital of Culture marks a fantastic opportunity to show how, through culture, we can paint the success, talent and ability of one of our great city regions on a national and international stage. This bid will help to cement Leeds as a world-class visitor destination - contributing to the social and economic vitality of not just the north, but the whole of the UK.

Regional support has been a defining factor in the success of all previous European Capital of Culture bids and is critical for Leeds this time around.

Business support is also a critical success factor and Bruntwood is supporting the Leeds bid. Everything we do is focused on making our great city regions greater and, if Leeds is awarded the European Capital of Culture for 2023, it will provide a huge boost to the city, the region and the wider economy in the north. This is our chance to showcase Leeds specifically, and the north of England in general, on a national and international scale.

At Bruntwood, we care passionately about Leeds and believe this great city has all the attributes to grasp this opportunity. Yorkshire is a world-class leader in culture and Leeds is a dynamic and vibrant city at its heart. The city of Leeds is currently undergoing a bold cultural revival which will help to boost the success, talent and ability of the city and the region.

If successful, Leeds being awarded the European Capital of Culture will support the region immensely. We will see large-scale economic and social benefits; grow the image of Leeds and Yorkshire throughout the UK and Europe; connect our communities throughout the region; and prove that Yorkshire is open for tourism, business and investment.

Bruntwood wholeheartedly supports the Leeds bid and we look forward to working with the team to make this a great success.

Please pledge your support for the bid - visit the official Leeds2023 site to get involved and make a pledge.

You can also find out more on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I encourage you to use these channels to share the story with your networks - both personal and professional.

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