A Huge Thank You to our Colleagues and Communities

    Chris Oglesby

    I was truly humbled to be awarded an OBE in the King’s inaugural birthday honours list over the weekend, recognising the work that Bruntwood and The Oglesby Charitable Trust does across the North West. 

    I wholeheartedly believe that this honour is a culmination of the work of the whole business; for each and every one of my colleagues who have worked to build our organisations into what they are today. This would not have been possible without their passion, hard work and innovative thinking. 

    I am so proud of the dedication, commitment and tenacity of my colleagues in our work together in our purpose of Creating Thriving Cities.

    It has been a privilege to continue building upon my father’s legacy, along with my sister Kate, both through Bruntwood and The Oglesby Charitable Trust. I know that he too would be proud of the great strides that we have made in both organisations for the good of our regions. As a firm believer in both personal and business philanthropy, we have continued to embed the values upon which he founded the organisations to ensure everything we do is with our communities in mind, investing for the long term and using our passion and expertise to create the most impact. 

    Through times of both prosperity and turbulence, our culture has remained strong and resilient. It is this, along with the support of our partners be they community, academic, suppliers, customers and funders who believe in and support our ethos of creating thriving cities, that has enabled us to continuously create positive impact in our regions. 

    This award is a testament to our combined efforts, and I know that together, my colleagues, our partners and I will be able to continue to make the North West (which this award recognises), and the rest of the UK’s regions where we work, highly successful, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable places. 

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