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The Pre Accelerator Programme works with entrepreneurs at every stage from idea to exit, not just for start-ups and spin-outs.

About this event

If you have a business idea you wish to develop and are interested in finding out how the Alderley Park Accelerator Programme can help, then the Pre-Accelerator Workshop is the perfect place to start.

An intense two and a half day workshop suitable for anyone wishing to learn the tools and techniques to explore their own life science start-up business idea, or to stress test their current company product, services, and business model. The best of these participants will be invited to apply for the 8-week Alderley Park Accelerator programme, to explore their concept more deeply and with dedicated coaching support.

It is not essential to have a well-explored business plan to participate. The programme is suited equally to those who have a spark of an idea they wish to evaluate, through to fully formed companies looking to launch new innovations.

The aim of the Alderley Park Pre- Accelerator is to help you create products and or services that match the needs of your customers, to give any start up company the very best chance of success.

The Pre-Accelerator Workshop is run by the Alderley Park Accelerator Team and Supported by the Alderley Park Accelerator: Life Sciences Support Programme

It is important that participants attend all aspects of the workshop

When joining the Pre Accelerator, we ask for nothing but commitment; no fees, no shares, no equity and no board seats. Be assured, we will push you, we will ask a lot of you and it won’t be easy; but it will be worth it.

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