Our values

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We are both creatively commercial and commercially creative

We are flexible and look for creative solutions that are commercially viable. We seek to balance our actions so that everything we do adds value and is sustainable over the long term.

"I have never worked for a company like Bruntwood. The values they share are amazing. The company is passionate about the customers and the staff. I will never seek alternative employment whilst there is a job here for me at Bruntwood."

We are good people to do business with

Doing business with us is straight-forward. People trust us to do the right thing, which sometimes means making tough decisions, but our goal is to create a win-win situation for everybody involved.

"Ongoing commitment to our cities, charities and the arts is something that I think is a lovely part of Bruntwood. It brings great opportunities for the team to connect with projects and programmes that they may not otherwise come into contact with and there is a pure element to the Bruntwood approach, as it is not a marketing ploy, this is a real, long-term passion and commitment."

We know that the little things help make the big things happen

From the design of our spaces to the way we interact with our people, we have an eye for detail and an uncompromising focus on the quality of experience we create. It's what sets us apart from the competition.

"I love working for Bruntwood. I love the open-mindedness of my colleagues and the atmosphere we create when welcoming customers into Bruntwood buildings. I love seeing the commitment and care that Bruntwood have for their customers - the little things really do make the big things happen."

We push ourselves to go further

For us, standing still is not an option. We see the big picture and everyday is an opportunity to move forward, challenge, innovate and make a change.

"Bruntwood never discourages innovation and change. If an individual is self-motivated to seek these things, there is every opportunity to explore this and, where appropriate, it is supported."

We don't sit on the sidelines

Bruntwood people are both interested and interesting. We care about the world around us and our instinct is always 'I must do something' rather than 'someone needs to do something'.

"I still believe that Bruntwood is an organisation that wants to do business in the right kind of way. There is a moral core in the business which stems from the family values and this aligns with my own beliefs about how business should work."