Finding your space

Developing your space

At Bruntwood, we own, develop, let and manage all of our properties. Developing our buildings helps us know how best to manage them and managing our buildings helps us know how to best develop them, meaning we can create better space for you. That’s the kind of circle we like.

Ensuring sustainability

For Bruntwood to be sustainable as a business, our cities need to be sustainable. That’s why we aim to reduce our emissions and improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, as well as encouraging our employees and customers to travel by foot, bike or public transport.

Needs of your business

We listen to our customers. After all, you know your business and your needs best. But we’re here to figure out what you need, as well as what we think might help. We can then work together to find you, your employees and your business the perfect home. And it doesn’t stop there; we’ll keep on listening as your company develops to make sure you continue to be in the right place at the right time.

Recycling buildings

We endeavour to retain and remodel existing buildings, rather than knocking them down and building new ones. This minimises the use of new resources and the waste of the embedded carbon from the buildings original construction. The added beauty of this is that sometimes you don’t realise what you’ve got until you start to scratch beneath the surface.