The Bruntwood Way

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We know that where you work can influence how you work. The right home will shape your business, stimulating creativity and attracting customers. The right location and facilities will help you attract and keep talented people. And the right terms will give you the flexibility to reach your business’ true potential. For forty years, we’ve been buying, remodelling, recycling and managing buildings with you in mind. We put down roots, improve communities and create places for business success.

The way we work with you

We understand that no one knows their business better than you, so we work closely with you to make sure your needs are met throughout your entire journey with us. 

Finding space for you

We know that good design is only good design if it works, and over 40 years we’ve learnt how to create spaces that not only look great, but more importantly work well for you. With a diverse portfolio, we can make a home for any business, and our dedicated sales team will work with you every step of the way, as they find that right building for you.

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What can you expect from us?

You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Bruntwood. Whether it’s the services our team offers within your building or the way we plan our spaces, we’re constantly working with you in mind. We don’t just work to meet your needs, but to exceed them.

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The way we work with our communities

We strive to make a difference to the cities and communities we operate in because we want them to flourish. From building partnerships with leading organisations, to encouraging creativity socially, culturally and with charity, we make sure we’re supporting change that can really make a difference.

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Partnerships within our cities

The vibrancy of any city is directly linked to the quality of its built environment. This is why we invest resource and time into the design and care of the public realm our buildings inhabit, and we see partnerships as vital in making this work and make sense.

Embedded in our communities

Cities need more than just successful businesses to thrive; they need culture and life. We deliberately target our sponsorship to find ways that allow new and emerging artists to unlock their creativity. We also strive to make a difference to cities and communities, supporting people and activity in charity, social and cultural sectors.

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