Manchester International Festival

As a champion of innovation we’re proud to support one of the most dynamic and respected art festivals in the world.

About Manchester International Festival

Manchester International Festival is the world’s first festival of new and original work. Taking place biennially, the festival is artist-led and commissions arrive from around the world. Artists are encouraged to do the unexpected, and develop projects with unlikely collaborators. Bringing world premieres in performing arts, music, visual art and popular culture, MIF has been a huge addition to the city culturally, socially and economically.

Since its inception MIF has commissioned artists including Björk, Steve McQueen, Jeremy Deller, Wayne McGregor, Maxine Peake, Damon Albarn and Marina Abramović. It brings together artists from different art forms and backgrounds to create dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking new work, which is staged in a rich tapestry of venues across Greater Manchester – from theatres, galleries and concert halls to railway depots, churches and car parks.


About the partnership

At the heart of everything we do is our enthusiasm for vibrant cities and MIF promotes Manchester on an international scale whilst bringing vibrancy to the city and leaving a lasting cultural legacy.

Each year, audiences are invited to explore innovative and forward-thinking works, hosted in some of Greater Manchester’s most popular venues. Our support for MIF is all about investing in creativity and creating the best environment in which people and business can thrive.

The reach of the festival goes beyond the city centre though, MIF also works widely within communities around Manchester with My Festival: MIF’s creative community. This diverse and accessible network of creative people engage in public projects and connect the Festival to their communities.
The positive impact MIF has on the economy, culture and the community is invigorating and important, and we’re proud to have been one of the first to support the internationally renowned event.

The next edition will take place 4 – 21 July 2019 at venues all over the city.

(photo credit: Hawkins\Brown)