Our performance

Bruntwood is a stable and respected business that has demonstrated sustainable turnover, profit and asset growth through not just one but three recessions

Where many of our competitors are constrained by excess debt, our financial strength remains a distinct advantage. By making prudent short-term interventions we have protected value and steered the business through the worst of the economic downturn. By consistently taking the long-term view we have emerged from the recession fitter and stronger, creating a robust platform for future growth. 

You can view our gender pay gap report here.

Investing for the future

As many businesses have been cutting back on investment to conserve cash, we have continued to invest in our product to maintain our appeal in the marketplace. We are investing £1 billion in our development pipeline over the coming four years.

Stimulating demand

At Bruntwood all of our developments are carefully considered to meet the needs of the marketplace. Our close understanding of customers' needs enables us to create spaces that we know there is a market for.

Robust relationships

The strength of our brand and our business model provides both confidence and security for our financial partners. It also makes us a desirable and trusted brand in the property marketplace.

Retail bond information

On 24 July 2013, Bruntwood Investments Limited (Bruntwood) issued £50 million Sterling Bonds due 2020.

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