Bruntwood’s 2018 Gender Pay Gap report


Earlier today, we published our Gender Pay Gap report for the period covering April 2018. And I’m pleased to able to report a decrease of 6.11% in our mean gender pay gap to 10.55%.

Our median gender pay gap has grown even more favourable to women compared to 2017 and now stands at -20.4%. However, our mean gender bonus pay gap has increased further from 2.8% to 41.92%. Whilst our median gender bonus pay gap has shifted more favourably towards women, from 10% to -1.89%. Our quartiles analysis highlights an increased female representation across the top two quartiles, however men still continue to dominate higher paid roles.

We have always been committed to creating thriving cities by supporting vibrant communities, successful businesses and growing economies.

But in order for us to provide the best possible support and expert guidance to our customers and the stakeholders we work with, it’s essential we reflect the communities we all live and work in.

That’s why we’re so committed to having a gender-balanced boardroom and a gender-balance of colleagues and as you will see in our 2018 Gender Pay Gap report, we have taken huge strides in redressing that balance in what is traditionally a very male-dominated industry.

However, as the gender bonus gap and quartile analysis highlights, we are acutely aware that more needs to be done and we are well underway with a number of initiatives and new approaches that will not only improve female colleagues’ experiences of working at Bruntwood - but everybody else’s as well.

Because as important as it is to ensure we have a gender balanced business, we are also working hard on becoming an even more diverse and inclusive employer. And as such, this is now one of the business’ key strategic priorities.

A truly diverse and inclusive workplace brings huge benefits - a wealth of opinion, a whole host of creative and innovative ideas, an interesting work environment, a pipeline of talent coming into the business, a better understanding of our customers and communities, increased business performance, and improved brand perception.

And certainly, in both my business and personal life I always prefer being with a diverse group of people. It is always more interesting, more rewarding, more fun and, within a work environment, Bruntwood also recognises it leads to better business solutions.

In a nutshell, a diverse group of colleagues help us see the world differently and helps us shape the world accordingly. Our colleagues are our biggest asset and it’s crucial we continue to ensure that everyone is not only inspired and motivated to their fullest potential but that they are also recognised and rewarded fairly and transparently.

You can download a copy of the full report here.

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