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5G Innovation in Life Sciences

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Please note, this is a Bruntwood SciTech customer event only.

The 5G Innovation Programme introduces lab companies to 5G technology and how it can be applied in their industry

Are you interested in exploring how 5G, VR and IOT technologies can improve the performance in key areas of your business such as lab operations, clinical trial efficiency, sample logistics, medtech?

This 5G Innovation workshop run by the Deloitte team within 5prinG will explore how life sciences businesses can leverage this new technology.

About this event

5G is game changing for businesses; It will kick-start the 4th Industrial Revolution supercharging technologies such as Cloud, AI, VR/AR, Robotics and Machine Learning.

A big transformation is on the way and now is the time to start making strategic decisions about 5G!

During this session, learn how 5G technology could be applied in your industry, align and validate on what business challenges could be solved with a 5G enabled solution and ideate potential use cases and determine the next steps.

Why participate?

Our industry experts James Roden & Andrew Garrod will share practical information shaped to your current level of knowledge.

You will learn how 5G can enable such technologies as cloud computing, IoT, AR/VR and others.

Immerse yourself in 5G use cases - get inspired by real-life examples from leading organisations in your industry.

We will present multiple use cases relevant to your business to help you imagine how 5G could be applied in your organisation.

Generate ideas for your organisation, to solve current challenges.

Our experienced facilitators will apply design thinking methodology to lead your team through a collaborative ideation process. By generating a number of ideas you will see the entire span of possibilities enabled by 5G.

Lastly, the team will prioritise ideas based on expected impact and ease of implementation. You will make choices and identify the immediate use cases that your organisation should focus on.

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