Find your perfect space

Starting your search for a new office can go one of two ways: with an open mind you can find yourself excited about the realms of possibility and the flexibility of spaces that are available, but it can also be quite a daunting time if you’re not sure where to start.


The viewing process

To arrange a viewing, call our First Customer Contact team who will ask you a couple of questions about you and your company to come up with some suitable properties for you to see.*

We can take you round as many properties as you like, until you find one that is perfect for you. Our sales teams are experts in our properties and will be able to tell you everything you need to know about each space. There’s no question that is too big or too small. If there is anything you want to ask, your viewings are the perfect time to ask.

The viewing process is all about giving you a visual idea of what your office space could look like. There’s no need for you to make a decision at this stage, but what you will be left with is all the information you need about the properties and a direct contact number for your Sales Surveyor.

*Don’t worry, we won’t pass your details on to anybody else and you’ll only ever speak with Bruntwood staff members.

What to think about before your viewing

Making your final decision

At this point you’ll have seen a couple of our properties and spoken to our sales team, but we know that budget is a major factor in making your final decision about a space. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the costs at this point, our sales team will help you to grasp what’s included and what that might mean to you.

By the time you come to make your final decision we’ll leave you with everything you need to know about Bruntwood, including costs and what we can do for you, so that you don’t need to worry about any hidden surprises later on.

If you’ve chosen a conventional space, our design team will also be on hand to help bring any of your visions for your office to life.

Any other questions?

Agreeing your lease

Once you’ve made your final decision about a space, we’ll start to pull together the paperwork to get your lease agreed.

In order to negotiate your lease efficiently, it’s important that you know the indicative terms and agree any special requirements early on. We know when it comes to agreeing a lease, property jargon can easily slip into conversation. At Bruntwood we always do our best to make it easily understandable, but don’t be afraid to ask for clarity on anything that might cause confusion to make sure you get the space exactly how you want it.

It can be useful to get legal advice or use a solicitor outside of Bruntwood when agreeing your lease so that you are clear on the terms. If you decide to use a solicitor, it’s always best to get them lined up early so that you can let our team know and prevent any delays.

Moving in and getting the space ready

Now it's the exciting bit. All the boring legals are out of the way by this point and you can start to look forward to moving into your space. If your space is small and your needs are simple, you could be up and running overnight. If you’re taking a larger office and making it your own, there is a bit more work to be done.

With a blank slate, now is the time to really make your space your own. We know that your space needs to work for you, your employees and your business. Whether you choose to do it yourself, work with our in-house design team or arrange for an outside team to help, there’s so much potential to create different spaces for every kind of project, meeting or working environment.

Being in your space

Being with Bruntwood doesn’t just give you an office, you’ll also get a dedicated property team to look after you throughout your journey with us. They are there to help you with everything from arranging access to the building, sorting your post, or even booking restaurants and meeting rooms.

Once you move in we’ll send you a welcome guide which will tell you everything you need to know about your property and Bruntwood.