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‘Changing lives through tech and code’ is the team’s motto at Northcoders - the UK’s leading coding school for graduate outcomes. With offices at Circle Square in Manchester and Platform in Leeds, Northcoders is inspiring and educating people to learn how to code. 

We caught up with Ruth Ng, Head of Sales and Marketing for Northcoders…... 

“Over the last decade, the so-called Digital Skills Gap has cost the UK economy around £60bn.  We're now at a time in history where technology is defining what it means to be human. Tech is constantly moving and evolving, and, more than ever, it's crucial that the tech that defines us is built by people from all walks of life. 

In a post-COVID world, the tech industry is one of the few set to continue thriving, and it isn't hard to see why given how central it is to progression in all industries, everywhere.

It's totally possible to get involved in tech in the North, and the best thing is that it really, really doesn't matter what you've done before!

Northcoders is a coding school and we have trained people from so many different backgrounds – from solicitors to delivery drivers, parents looking to return to work, refugees, even somebody who used to do rail announcements at Piccadilly! 

And no. You don't have to be "good at maths". Whatever you picked up at GCSE (or equivalent) will be more than enough. What's more important is that you enjoy solving problems and creating things. 

You could explore coding at a rudimentary level by visiting free sites like freeCodeCamp, attending meetups like Code and Stuff and CodeUp (both running events remotely) or coming to a coding school, without having to go to a university.

In Manchester Technology Centre at Circle Square and Platform we're right in the beating hearts of Manchester and Leeds – and we love it!  We've built cutting-edge hubs in which we’re surrounded by other extremely creative tech businesses, so there's no better place to feel inspired. It all feels very symbiotic”.

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