'The repositioning of retail places' - James Tootle, Surveyor


Ahead of Revo, one of retail property’s biggest events of the year, the topics of placemaking and retail evolution will once again be high on the agenda.

The retail environment is evolving and leading to a need for more flexible business structures. This affects lease terms, how units are fitted out, and of course, the kind of customers we are looking to secure. How we interact with the space is also evolving and in order to create flourishing neighborhoods, we have to acknowledge the needs of the different types of people that will be using them, from residents and students to workers and tourists, and think about how retailers/brands will complement this mix.

The Bruntwood way has always been to ensure that if a customer succeeds, we succeed, and we have always been willing to adapt our portfolio to make the most of the space available and change the areas in which we operate for the better. We believe this adaptability is more important now than ever, and look forward to an exciting time in the evolution of retail property and mixed-use space as we move to double the size of our retail portfolio over the next two years.

Our emerging developments such as Circle Square in Manchester encompass multi-use sites with broader opportunities and our strategy is to focus on filling space with exciting, innovative, independent brands that will be adaptable and bring something new to the area.

The theme of merging retail with leisure, or office space with leisure is increasingly prevalent in the industry and something we agree will be a fast growing sector in the near future. Protecting green spaces and creating social meeting areas are also important to help create a better environment to live, work or spend time in. We have committed to this idea with the recent signing of Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Faulkner House, Manchester, where the brand has launched its first ever site for sister brand, White Space, a new co-working concept.

James Tootle, Surveyor at Bruntwood will be at Revo 2017.

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