The benefits of serviced offices


When thinking about what type of office to choose for your business, things like coworking and leased offices might spring to mind, but how about serviced space? This type of office could be something that you may not even think about, or have even heard of.

Serviced office space isn’t new to the office world, with the first of their kind appearing in America back in the 1960s. However, it’s in recent years, with entrepreneurs, SMEs and larger businesses all taking advantage of the flexibility they offer, that they have gained popularity. In fact, the UK alone has seen a 157% increase in serviced office take up.

So, what are the main benefits of choosing a serviced office to base your business?


The key benefit of serviced space has to be the flexibility that they can offer your business. Often you might find yourself tied into a fixed term contract of several years when leasing office space, but a serviced office essentially allows you to pay-as-you-go.

And this flexibility isn’t just confined to the length of your lease, it also applies to the space you’re in as well. Whether you need space to work on a project for a few months, or want the option move spaces as your business needs change, serviced offices allow you to be in a space which is right for you at every point in your journey.

So if you need to grow or downsize your business or extend your lease with a serviced office you can do just that.

Location, location, location

Maybe you’re a global business looking to open an office in a new city, or you might have an internal team working on a new project which needs to be based near a specific location. With flexible spaces all over the country, you can easily do just that.

This is great for companies who might want to try out a new location, using a serviced office as a solution to test new markets, and use the flexibility to expand as and when they need to.

Cost effective

At first, the seemingly higher costs of serviced space can be off putting. However, when you factor in everything that comes with the space, it’s easy to see the worth of investment.

Serviced offices come fully-furnished and take away the headaches of budgeting for office essentials, as everything you need is included under one monthly bill. From internet to mail handling, maintenance to cleaning, all of this is sorted for you in a single, simple cost. Plus, if your building has the facilities available, chances are you’ll also get discount on added extras like meeting rooms and events. All of these elements are likely to change depending on your provider, so make sure you check what is included.

Time to focus on you

Need to get up and running overnight? No problem. You can sign on the dotted line one day and be settling into your new desk the next. Your serviced space team will also take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your office, so you can focus on the more important things; like your business.

With serviced offices available across Manchester, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham, we’re sure to have a space that suits. Whether you’re large or small business, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, international or part of a project team, our serviced offices come complete with a wide range of services to benefit you.


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