Manchester School of Art’s Unit X comes to Bruntwood


Every year, Manchester School of Art brings together students from different disciplines to work on live project briefs created by a range of partner organisations. As the students collaborate and experiment to realise creative responses to these briefs, they are able to increase their confidence and experience working in a professional capacity. Collaborating in groups across a range of projects, students share and develop their skills, broadening their understanding of the industry.

For the third year, Bruntwood will be hosting some of the final artwork; one to be displayed on our digital screens at Neo, and another at Manchester Club. These will be just a few of many pop-up events and exhibitions that will transform spaces throughout the city into urban galleries and event spaces.

The Exquisite Corpse at Neo

150 students have collaborated to create 26 new short films to be displayed on the digital art screens at Neo. This year’s theme is ‘The Exquisite Corpse’, an artistic technique invented in 1925 in Paris by a group of surrealist artists. Similar to the old parlour game, Consequences, people take it in turns to draw part of the body onto a piece of paper, fold it to conceal what they have drawn, and then pass it on to the next.

The short films that have been created will be a video version of this game, with each group's work linking directly to the next as a 'tag team' between the works. The groups’ films begin with elements from the final images of the previous groups work - creating an infinite looping site specific installation.

Wednesday 8th May – Friday 10th May, 9am – 5pm | Neo, Charlotte Street, Manchester, M1 4ET

Utopia & Dystopia

Exploring the themes of nature, technology, identity, class and hope, Utopia & Dystopia will be presented by second year MMU students at Manchester Club on King Street. This exhibition began as a response to a brief from Manchester International Festival, linking in to two of this year’s projects: Utopolis Manchester by Rimini Protokoll and DYSTOPIA987 by
Looking at the tipping point between utopian and dystopian vision, a key theme of balance has emerged through all of the artwork. Working in interdisciplinary groups that encompass animation, film, interactive arts, textiles and fashion, and art direction BA programmes, the artists are working with video, textiles, sculpture and projection mapping to showcase ten new works.
Thursday 9th May, 5pm - 9pm | Manchester Club, 81 King St, Manchester, M2 4NH

The Art Gallery Gift Shop

Over at Hatch, Manchester School of Art’s Textiles in Practice students have created a ‘pop-up gallery shop’. Informed by their research into the archives, shops and exhibitions of galleries and museums across Manchester. Come along and browse.

Tuesday 7th May, 5.30pm – 8pm | Wednesday 8th May, 10am – 5pm | Thursday 9th May, 10am – 4pm | Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7AD


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