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Public relations is a vital component when building relationships, promoting and benefiting the reputation of any business. We sat down with GM and Co-Creator of Manc Frank, Graeme Anthony, to find out about the past, the present and the future of this award-winning creative and captive PR company.

Manc Frank was born out of Frank PR, one of the largest PR agencies in the UK, working with the likes of Paddy Power and Waa Way. It was Graeme, originally from Manchester, who put in the proposition to bring Frank up North.

“I loved working for Frank but within a space of about three months of working in London, I decided that I wanted to move back to Manchester. I put the proposition of Manc Frank to the board members at Frank and we went from there. We’ve never really looked back since and we are making great strides,” says Graeme.

It’s a challenge to always be on top of the game, but Manc Frank continues to create energy, buzz and vibrancy to keep achieving more. Having a work environment that matches their creative aspects constantly stimulates the brain to produce fresh new thinking every day.

“The thing that sets us apart is something that we call talkability,” explains Graeme. “It's basically ideas that kick start word of mouth, which we realise is the most powerful platform out there.

“Traditionally editorial is the main kind of channel that we go for but with the evolution of social media, talkability has become something that is much stronger.”

Manc Frank was given a blank canvas when it came to moving into their 113 Portland Street office. “[That] was the moment that it all became real,” says Graeme. “Our old office was comfortable and practical, but it wasn't our own space. This office really embodies talkability.”

The main reason behind the team choosing such an unusual office design was ‘memorability’. They want their potential clients, when they come round to reviewing pitches, to remember the barn office on the fourth floor of a Manchester warehouse.

“We chose Bruntwood, first and foremost, because the space was just perfect and it was strangely very similar to our office in London,” says Graeme. “[Bruntwood] is accommodating to businesses and the pressures businesses may have. We are very much in our start-up phase and that support is very much appreciated in our journey.”

Manc Frank is sure to grow from strength to strength, as they continue to produce award-winning creative work. Find out more in our customer story video:


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