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Takk is a Nordic inspired coffee house, born out of Manchester's Northern Quarter. With a second location now at Hatch on Oxford Road, Takk is dedicated to sourcing some of the best coffees available in Europe. We sat down with the owner, Philip Hannaway, to find out what the future is brewing up for Takk.

Takk first opened shop 5 years ago in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter with the aim of providing a welcoming space to work, meet, talk, be inspired and serve amazing Artisan coffee.

“We have people that come to work throughout the week, but at the weekend it’s much more of a social space for people to eat and drink. It just continued to grow and grow to the point where we’re mostly at capacity at the Northern Quarter site,” says Phil.

Phil’s obsession with all things Nordic led him and his partner travelling around Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. They fell in love with coffee and how they used locally sourced products. They saw a gap in the Manchester market for Artisan coffee and followed their dream to open the shop.

“We are obsessed with serving some of the best coffee from around the world; we have our own house roast which is from a farm in El Salvador, and we have a direct relationship with our coffee producer,” says Phil.

It’s not just the coffee that is locally sourced, the milk is too. In some cases, the milk can make up two-thirds of the drink, and so Phil knew how important it was to get that right as well. Takk’s milk comes from a herd in Lancashire, near Morecambe. Phil is a strong believer on focusing on relationships between product sourcers and customers. It all adds to the Takk experience.

With the success of the first establishment, it led to conversations to expand the business through the opportunity that opened up at Hatch on Oxford Road.

“When we were coming up with the ideas at Hatch, it was always about creating a village feel. You know you could have a coffee, there's the local pub and there's other stuff going on like shops and food outlets. You can spend a whole afternoon really just chilling out,” explains Phil.

Through Hatch came an opportunity for Phil to open a nanobrewery called Öl. Phil refers to Öl as the baby brother of Takk.

“We have an amazing range of beer on sale, and we create our own beer onsite, so people can see when they walk into the bar where our beer is brewed. Again, these have a Nordic slant, with a great selection of beers from Denmark. There are some fantastic breweries over there and we are creating our own brews to sit alongside them,” says Phil.

When we sat down with Phil to find out the direction he had for Takk and Öl, our retail team found that it aligned with the vision for Hatch. The community feel, combined with the multiple diverse operators, come together to collaborate and complement each other.

“Bruntwood seem to get that supporting independence is important, what they’re trying to create at Circle Square with a mix of independent and established brands is really great. The opportunity at Hatch to test out things out gives us the chance to see if there is a market for that kind of offer,” explains Phil.

It’s this flexibility which allows operators to experiment and try new ideas with our support. If the operator is successful at Hatch, it may lead to them moving into a larger unit in Circle Square or another Bruntwood space.

The future for Takk is bright. “We will launch a flagship coffee shop in University Green, in the heart of Manchester’s university campus. This is a really exciting project for us to work on, with an amazing space to help people do something special. It’ll be like nothing we’ve done before,” says Phil.

Phil and his team will continue to focus on their passion and work towards new ideas. We look forward to seeing how they grow and expand over the coming years.


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