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Sixty seconds doesn’t seem like a long time, but that’s all it takes to cook one of Rudy’s award-winning, delectable Neapolitan pizzas. We sat down with Managing Director, Neal Bates to find out why our Queens Insurance Building on Castle Street in Liverpool, was the perfect location to expand Rudy’s to Liverpool’s foodie fanatics.

The independent business took off in 2015 when a young couple, Jim and Kate, had the idea to bring a slice of traditional Neapolitan style pizza to the North West. Rudy’s first pizzeria was born in the heart of Ancoats, often referred to as Manchester’s ‘Little Italy’ because of it’s rich history and inner-city suburban vibes.

The neighbourhood pizzeria quickly became extremely popular within the Manchester food and drink scene, ranking number 1 for pizza on TripAdvisor in the whole of the UK. With this success, came the opportunity for potential growth and expansion.

“Mission Mars, which is the parent company of Rudy’s, decided that it was such a fantastic restaurant that they wanted to jump on board and help develop the business,” says Neal. They took the business from one small independent restaurant in Ancoats to a second restaurant at Peter Street in Manchester. We’ve just recently opened our third pizzeria in Liverpool on Castle Street.”

Rudy’s has made a name for itself across the North West thanks to the way they double ferment their pizza dough, which makes it not only incredibly tasty but super authentic. The dough is made in house, with the first stage of fermentation taking 20 hours, followed by the second stage, where the dough is rolled into balls and left to rest for a final 4 hours. After this long process, the dough is ready to be crafted in pizza bases.

“We have some fantastic provers that sit underneath the counter in the pizza kitchen, as the checks come on, the dough balls come out,” says Neal. Once topped with high-quality ingredients, imported directly from Naples, the pizza is ready for the oven. Rudy’s pride themselves in hiring their pizza chefs directly from the home of pizza: Naples.

“The pizza then gets placed in the oven, is left for 60 seconds at about 450 to 500 degrees to give it that fantastic cornicione: the delicious crust around the corner which lets it rise and allows the tomato and cheese to cook really evenly in the middle,” says Neal.

“We’ve worked with Bruntwood before on a number of occasions within different property schemes, Bruntwood has always been very supportive and very accessible,” says Neal. “I personally have found the team behind Bruntwood, from the sales and marketing team to the property guys to even the local maintenance team, they’ve always been very very helpful. We feel with Bruntwood that they want you to succeed and if there is anything they can do to get your business to succeed then they will do that,” says Neal.

We look forward to seeing this fantastic restaurant continue to grow and expand throughout the UK. To find out more, watch our latest customer story video with Neal:

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