A new Platform for Leeds


Work is now well underway on Bruntwood’s City House redevelopment. When complete, the building is going to be a new platform for Leeds as it is set to become one of the most modern workspaces in the city.

It is clear that people are working differently now and it is because of this that the design of the workplace has been thought about differently.

SoVibrant, the creative consultancy working on the project, have been looking at how the building’s users, processes, technology and spaces will integrate and interact, now and in the future.

As part of Bruntwood’s vision for the future of workspace, the building will incorporate the physical, social and digital needs of both large businesses and smaller, growing companies across a shared building.

There will be spaces to think, spaces to inspire and spaces for customers to do their best work.

Each space will be design-led and tech-savvy with areas where customers can work together and share their knowledge.

It will be a place where a community of like minded people can join together in collaborative workspaces, relaxed social spaces and create a balanced, happy culture.

Providing flexible, fluid customisable environments and functions, the building will also be future-facing, sustainable and invested in continuous growth.

The 120,000 sq ft., 12-storey building is due to be completed by May 2017 and will have an investment in digital connectivity, making it an ideal location for office space in Leeds

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