Active Travel Hubs

Helping Manchester Walk, Run, Cycle, Skate and Scoot back to the city

With help from our partners including TfGM, Bike Right, Manchester Bike Hire and many more, Active Travel Hubs have everything you need to help switch up your commute with exciting incentives and opportunities on offer.

Our hubs will be located at various locations in Manchester. There will be two static hubs - at the Bright Building and Manchester Technology Centre - and two floating hubs which will travel around the city centre and Trafford - to our buildings at Centurion, Riverside, Manchester One, Trafford House and Lancastrian House, and will be open from 8-10am Monday to Friday throughout September and early October.

At the hubs you can find everything you need to kick start your new commute. There will be free bike engineers on hand from Revolve Mcr’s Bike Dr, free maps with the best cycle routes, free cycle repair kits, competitions, discounts including from Rapha, goody bags and much more. So whether you’re walking, cycling, scooting or skating into the city, make sure you stop by at one of our hubs for everything you need to help get Manchester moving.

Also at the Active Travel Hubs:

Bicycle Bezzie

Help to create a greener, healthier, more connected city and become a Bicycle Bezzie.

Do you cycle into work? You could help someone build their confidence to take to two wheels by sharing your commute and local knowledge. Or are you new to cycling and need a helping hand to build your confidence on the roads? We know that for some people thinking about cycling into work, it may be the first time in a while that they’ve got onto a bike seriously. So, to help overcome those nerves, Bicycle Bezzie is a cycling buddy campaign, encouraging inexperienced cyclists onto two wheels with guidance and support on their commutes from avid cyclists as well as creating a new way for our city communities to connect. Your Bicycle Bezzie will help you get to know the routes, the road rules and help you build confidence to tackle the journey on your own. 

Let us know where and when you cycle to work and we’ll match you up with someone who needs or wants a helping hand to build their confidence. 

To find out more and sign up contact